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Herbal Tea History

Herbal Tea


An herbal tea is actually an herbal infusion and is typically not made from the leaves of a tea bush at all. Preparation of an herbal tea is much the same as a tea from actual tea leaves and the resulting drink can be served over ice or hot. Herbal tea can be made with fresh dried flowers, leaves, seeds or roots, and grains.

In Egypt, herbal teas such as karkade are very popular and are served in their traditional ahwas, ore "tearoom". In China, the traditional Chinese natural herbal teas are popular in enhancing health and improving various core issues concerning the body. In Sri Lanka, herbal teas have a long history within their local tradition of indigenous medicine. Herbal tea has been used for nearly as long as since the beginning of history itself.  Dating back to early Ancient Egypt and Ancient China, records can be found discussing the preparation and enjoyment and various medical uses of herbal tea.

The Egyptians and Babylonians first used herbs like cinnamon, turmeric and garlic as offerings to the gods and emperors. Later, the Romans started to expand the knowledge of herbs and spices and actually authored some 40 books. The Romans began building large ships and sailed them across the Indian Ocean for Asia which eventually got into the hands of Arab merchants securing spice trading routes at that time.

Europeans soon discovered the potential for the herb and spice trade and by the 11th century, they took control of these trade routes. Venice soon became one of the most hustling and bustling trading centers in the West. Later, France and England got into the herb and spice game with the East India Company of England securing its prominent place in the industry before losing out to their suppliers and other competitors.

Back when America won its independence from England, it also built its own ships to transport tea, herbs and other spices from the East back to America. Eventually, these herbs made their way down to Africa and South America.

Today, there is an abundant variety of herbs used in making herbal tea. Let help you choose an herbal tea that suits your taste.

Herbal Tea