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Types of Teas

Loose Leaf Tea

White teas: White teas are the least processed of all of the teas. This tea type is known for its subtle sweetness and its benefits for skin and hair. These types of tea are rich in antioxidants and have very little caffeine. White tea is the perfect choice in the afternoon or to relax in the evenings. Flavors of white tea usually consist of fruit and other natural ingredients like lavender which make it a wonderful way to wind down while adding to the antioxidant content. White teas should be brewed at 175 degrees.

Green Tea: Green tea is currently one of the most popular choices when it comes to tea. Green tea is delicious hot or cold and it has a wealth of flavors that could satisfy any palate. Tea leaves are either steamed or roasted to stop the fermenting process. You will find a variety of flavors, but most green teas will have a sweet and earthy aftertaste. Jasmine is a popular scent for loose leaf green teas and will help reduce stress, relax, and aid in digestion.

Black Tea: Black teas have a wonderful aroma and taste and are popular in both loose leaf and bagged form. Most westerners like to add cream and sugar to their black tea which helps make it a wonderful dessert tea. However, black tea is also energy boosting, which makes it a wonderful pick-me-up in the mornings or for the afternoon slump. Black teas also promote hearth health and aid in circulation and cardiovascular systems.

Rooibos Tea: Sometimes called “red tea”, rooibos tea is a South African tea. Its leaves are derived from a red bush, but this tea is caffeine free, so it’s great for children. Most of this type of tea is naturally sweet and may even have a nutty flavor. Its health benefits include aiding in digestion, adding vitamins. Often times, rooibos tea is added to white or green tea to make a more complex flavor and improve the health benefits.

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